“Kingsley is the best thing that could’ve happened to us.  By the time you’re in college, society’s timeline says you’re ‘supposed’ to have certain things dialed in and figured out… but what if you don’t?  What if you’re struggling with things that just aren’t your strengths, but it’s affecting everything else that you can do well and the ‘little things’ are sabotaging your overall success?

The day that I reached out to Kingsley to see if she would be willing to work with my son was a turning point.  He was trying to gain residency in a new state.  He was trying to figure out his transfer credits and put together a graduation plan that would happen sooner than later and wrestling with a million other little stumbling blocks that were just getting in the way of the big picture.

Within two months of 1-2 times per week Face Time meetings with consistent goal-setting and follow-ups, he was granted residency, now has in-state tuition, has streamlined his graduation plan with a new major that he loves and, most importantly, is so much happier.  In short, Kingsley is an incredibly hard-working, caring, intuitive advocate and creative problem solver.  The progress has met and exceeded our hopes and expectations. Kingsley is an amazing resource and exactly the help we had been looking for.”

-SC, Parent

“Words truly cannot describe the help, and ease Kingsley has added to my life. I needed serious help on multiple items.  Kingsley updated my resume and made it beautiful.  Also, I finally have a Linkedin that looks very professional.  I don’t know what I would’ve done without her help.  It was like having a personal assistant, because everything I needed or wanted done…was done beautifully that very same day!  This woman is a superstar! You are in great hands. I would refer anyone to her without hesitation!”

-SD, Young Adult

“If you are one of the lucky few, an influential individual may pass through your life and help to rescue you. The truly great of these individuals holds an amazing ability: they are able to influence even those who may not be receptive to words or to care. When Kingsley entered my life, I was at such a darkened point, that the only thing that kept me alive was the fear of death. I firmly believe that Kingsley was one of the primary forces that turned my cognitive process around, and she allowed me to hope, and to aspire to do great in my adult life.”

-NW, Young Adult